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Proud to introduce “SnehDeep Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd.” this started with an aim to develop premiere chain of restaurants, which would be specializing in targeting our segment of the market in domestic as well as international markets. The company has been successful in establishing and handling its stand alone restaurants for the past 20 years and cheerfully dominates more than 1,00,000 sq.ft. areafor its Food, beverages & banquet operations with its brands:

  • DIAA

The company expansion map has an aggressive strategic roll out plan which aims to initiate many more restaurants, ice-cream parlors, Confectionaries, food Counters across India in near future days. SD has introduced a brand keeping in mind the hunger of Mumbaites, Night lovers or call them Food lovers. A concept of “Sizzling Live Tawa Cooking”, in the name of “Mumbai Tawa-...Just Tawalecious “currently having mutli-locations in Mumbai SD aims in expanding this brand in coming year to other key locations both in the domestic as well as in international market.

Trends located near the hub of call centres, serves a variety of cuisines...To cater the demands of a restaurant goer trends has made a change and how!! The entire menu is revamped to add flavours from india, china, Italy, mexicoetctetc.

As its located near the hub of call centres, took advantage for the very benefit of this corporate area and has a out of the ordinary service to offer them from a conference room equipped with a big screen projectors where they could have meeting, seminars , press conferences etc. And much for their delight special corporate meals which they could indulge in as and when according to their convenience. So all the bosses out there who would no longer have to wait for their employees running back from lunch late as Trends is here to offer them special quick meal specially prepared to curb their hunger wrench.

Trends is not the kind of a place you go to simply curb your hunger pangs .Trends is an experience in itself. Food drinks and ambience combine itself beautifully to make every visit worth calling for another.

ADDRESS: Trends Restaurant, Link Road,
ChincholiBunder Junction, Malad West, Mumbai



In the suburb of vile parle, Snehdeep Hospitality services Pvt. Ltd. Has another restaurant calledDiaa. Diaa offers a casual ambience and simply savors some sizzling pavbhajis, dosas, full fledged meal with traditional Indian vegetarian taste.

Parla was always renowned for its food joints, so it wasn’t straightforward for Diaa to establish its name and position among them. But regardless of the competition, what Diaa offered was a sophisticated and yet casual ambience. Right from the shopaholics who could just stop by at Diaa to enjoy a revitalizing drink with a quick bite, to the several college students who would bunk their college and simply savor some sizzling pavbhaji and dosas. Most importantly, those families who would relish a full-fledged meal served piping hot, with traditional Indian vegetarian taste and without hurting their pockets too much, Diaa was the place. They could complete their meal with a variation in dessert options to explore from and leave the restaurant with a satiated palate and a content smile.

145, Arvind Villa, SV Road,
Irla Nursing Home,VileParle West, Mumbai


Despite the sudden mushrooming of American fast food joints across Indian metros, churning out their monotonous fare of burgers and French fries and insipid coffees, the grassroots level street food and dhabas will always be there.

What is street food really? Well, the most authentic cuisine of India is its street food. Street food in Mumbai is been a daily ritual that begins long before dawn with the chaiwaalas. When we think about street food pani- poori or chat , which is most popular indian snacks we cant stop our taste buds to salivate? Is it the neighbourhood street vendors who offer hot fresh, lip smacking snacks which are indeed very filling.

Wait for a minute or so and imagine, what if the same street food was available in a different experience...How would you feel if you no more had to wait in ques of restaurants and being all formal for a seat !!!

Well, you guessed it right, SD has something exclusive to give you. A full fledged dinning menu for vegetarians to the hard core non vegetarians lovers...So after carving its niche in restaurants SD wanted to cater and set its name in the heart of Mumbai yes you got it right “STREETS”.

The idea for “Mumbai Tawa- Just Tawalecious” was not just about Street food but giving a more relaxed feel to our mumbaikars, Mumbaites, Night lovers or call them Food lovers, who could just grab a bite in their cars and even enjoy a full hard core meal made right in front of their eyes served burning hot. Its most exceptional food menu comprises of sea food which is available in all forms and types and MT is one of its kind offering a vast variety of Sizzling Tawa delicacies to offer, from Mushroom tikkas to SurmaiTawa Fry and from Galuti Kebab to Chicken TawaPulav& to add The Kathi Rolls from the finest and freshest ingredients used, you would just not want to put a pause to this culinary pleasure. “Mumbai Tawa- Just Tawalecious” without a second thought one can say is a perfect place where every flavor is put together on your plate and served with heavenly mouthful garnished ingredients with a flavour of human touch.

So for the city that knows no boundaries and never sleeps, MT is going to surprise you with its food that would leave you licking your fingers for some more...

The menu at Mumbai Tawa-Just Tawalecious comprises of food from the undivided regions of India in all its glory. Gourmet Metropolis like (city names) formed the urbanized melting pots for different cultures. It is from these cities that the menu has evolved with influences from (Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Pathan cuisines). This is where the everyday “Sarson Da Saag” &Makki Di Roti met the secret recipes of the royal kitchens. Mumbai Tawa, imbibes the use of 4 types of making techniques - Technique like tandoor sighri, tawa and kadhai. Come experience a scintillating ride through this culinary heaven!!

It’s a Café, It’s a Lounge, It’s a Food Corner. What Sets Vibes apart from the others is its versatility – it becomes a space you want. So whether it’s a lunch date with family, conversations with colleagues over happy hour, a game night with buddies or a night out with that special someone – you can bring them all to this uber cool hangout. The tables are set far enough to give you privacy, the music is good, food tasty and the drinks missed with perfection and served to please!

Whether its noon, evening or night, Vibes always promises a good time in versatile confines! Vibes can be booked for parties for groups . The space features fixed menus and books you a private space.


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